Grenzenlose Solidarität – political, feminist and social street activism

This is a raw (and still to be updated) collection of political, feminist and social activism in form of graffiti.

I took most of these pictures in my Neukölln neighborhood in Berlin.

Especially the ones that connect to refugees and especially to the precarious situation of the heavily overcrowded refugee camp Moria on the greek island of Lesbos.

You can support the cause engaging with and donating to Seebruecke and signing this petition.

Some remembering the names of the victims of the racist crime in Hanau, Germany where a man killed 10 people in a shisha bar and then committed suicide.

These posters I found in Schanzenviertel, Hamburg:

These were taken in Prenzlauer Berg:

A few months ago I saw more and more poster art picking up on the subject of Femicide.

Femicide is defined as „the intentional killing of females (women or girls) because they are females“.

In 2019 in Germany alone 135 women were killed by their (ex-) partners, 63 more (severely) injured, 5 missed (and probably killed) and 15 children were killed by their (step-) fathers. Femicide is a pandemic problem all over the world, yet most societies label it as „individual cases“. Only if we give things a name and start finding the cause we will be able to fight them.⁠

I was not quick enough to photograph all of them, often they were gone after a day.

I thought it was a local project, but then I went to Paris in December 2019 just to discover very similar ones directly next to the stairs of the famous church Sacré-Cœur de Montmartre. Seems like this is an international project.

If you know more about it, please send me infos!

These feminist ones I just love, especially the ones putting the word PMS in public space, removing the taboo surrounding the female cycle.

There’s also a few connected to the Corona Crisis, to the rise of rents, to animal rights/ veganism and the car traffic.

This one is not a graffiti but a permanent light installation close to where I live, remembering that forced female labourers were imprisoned in a factory camp during the Nazi regime.

Resistance in every form is important, if we don’t speak up, nothing will ever change!