Vegan Queens Podcast: Peggy Chan (English Episode)

Chef Peggy Chan is the chef owner of Grassroots Pantry, a vegetarian restaurant in Hongkong. Peggy is also a super inspiring entrepreneur and advocate for economical sustainability in the food world and plant-based nutrition.

She was one of the 5 chefs I cooked with at the James Beard Foundation in New York City on 8th of march, International Women’s Day 2018.

I did this interview with her in a little café in the East Village where the smoothie bowls were way better than the background music.

We talk about her path, her inspirations, what we smuggled in the US for our dinner and she reveals her life mantra.

Peggy Chan featured by Forbes

Peggy’s Instagram Profile

The review of our dinner in New York

One Green Planet Podcast episode feat. Peggy Chan, Nina Curtis and Sophia: